My name is Elena del Aguila. I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist.
I am a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) which requires its members to attain the highest standards of integrity and competence. This ensures members of the public receive a professional and safe experience when visiting a qualified nutritional therapist.

I am also registered with the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC) and I am a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and an associated member of the Royal Society of Medicine. I am also a Metabolic Balance® coach and I have completed the DNA Life certification training for nutrigenetics counselling and the Functional Medicine training :"Functional Nutrition: Head to Toe"

I have been passionate about food and nutrition since an early age. I grew up in Spain where homemade, wholesome meals and weekly visits to local food markets were enjoyable family experiences. However, I studied law and raised a family, and only later in life did I take it further by studying nutrition at the Institute For Optimum Nutrition in London. I graduated after four years of study and clinical training.
Now, I like to work with men and women who want to feel full of energy and life,regardless of their age, and who want to take control over their health to have lengthy lives while enjoying the best possible health. I am passionate about good food and cooking and I like to show my clients that healthy eating can be tasty, easy and not so time consuming or expensive as we believe.
I consider food to be much more than “fuel” or “energy” or “calories". Food is health; food is information and food components instruct every cell in our body how to function and modulate the expression of our genes. Therefore with real, whole food, we can provide the body with the best information to function optimally and to sustain health in the long term. In a very real sense , food is medicine.

This is why I am passionate about delivering personalised, nutritional programmes designed to inspire, empower and help others make the right choices to nourish their bodies, feel better and thrive. I use a scientific evidence-based approach to nutrition founded on the Functional Medicine ModeI. I tailor programmes specifically to fit your unique biochemistry, genetics, lifestyle,environment and health concerns.

My special areas of interest include healthy ageing, weight management and nutrigenetics. As part of my Continuing Professional Development, I regularly attend conferences and seminarsat the cutting edge of nutritional medicine in order to stay up to date to provide the very best advice for my clients. Below is a selection of the educational events I have attended:

-Mitochondrial repair and resolution from fatigue By Professor Garth Nicholson and Dr Rita Ellithorpe -hosted by Nutri-       Link Ltd
-Sport and Exercise Nutrition -hosted by ION
-Sports Nutrition Live 2013. 2014 -organised by Target Publishing
-Globesity : An International Pandemic - hosted by ION
-Functional Medicine Conference -Obesity , Metabolic Syndrome & Chronic Disease -hosted by Nutri Advanced Limited
-Supporting Mind, Memory and Mood -hosted by Nutri Advanced Limited
-Healthy Ageing -hosted by Lamberts
-Nutritional Endocrinology- hosted by Nutri Advanced Limited
-Gut Brain-Axis -hosted by CAM conferences
-Nutrigenomics, Personalised Medicine and the Quantified Self- hosted by CAM conferences
-Cardiovascular Health -hosted by CAM Conferences
          -Mind/Body Nutrition -hosted by CAM Conferences
          -Meeting the Microbiome- hosted by CAM Conferences
         -Energy beyond ATP -hosted by CAM Conferences
         -Detox :The key to Healthy Ageing-hosted by CAM Conferences
         -Anti Ageing Conference, London 2015
         -Neurotransmitter Balance -hosted by Nutri-Link Limited
         -Hidden Health Trends in Clinical Setting . Dr Dicken Weatherby -organised by Functional Dx
Elena is a registered member of or is accredited by, the following organisations:
METABOLIC BALANCE loss weight programme