As mentioned in the introduction to testing, tests can help to pinpoint the root cause of health concerns and identify possible biochemical and metabolic imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. If I recommend a test and you are willing to undertake it, then it will help me with your analysis. I use a wide range of screening panels with  leading UK and USA laboratories.

Common functional lab tests that I might recommend are:


Including organic and amino acid tests which give information about what’s happening in terms of vitamin, mineral and amino acid levels, cellular energy production, fatty acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, neurotransmitter breakdown, detoxification and methylation processes.


Including comprehensive stool analysis which evaluates digestion, absorption, gut flora, colonic environment, including the presence of yeast infections, parasites and inflammation, and the SIBO breath test to determine the presence of undesirable bacteria in the small intestine.


Other available tests include coeliac profile and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity profile


Might be used to evaluate an individual's toxic load, to combine with organic acid testing or to monitor a detoxification programme.


Specific Tests To Support Healthy Ageing Programmes, include:


CARDIOMETABOLIC PROFILES  which assess inflammatory markers, lipid profiles and metabolic function. These include cardiovascular risk assessment, cardiovascular health panel profile and metabolic syndrome profile.

HORMONAL PANELS such as the adrenal stress profile, total thyroid screen, male and female hormone panels, menopause panel and osteoporosis risk assessment.

AGE MANAGEMENT PANEL is a powerful tool to evaluate age-related markers such as levels of sex hormones, IGF-1, thyroid hormone (T3) and inflammatory markers and PSA in the male panel. It is a thorough assessment of healthy ageing.

ADVANCED OXIDATIVE STRESS PROFILE demonstrates the individual's cellular antioxidant capacity, the removal of free radicals and the damage already created by excess free radicals. Excessive free radical accumulation may lead to the progression of the conditions associated with ageing.

SKIN VITALITY PROFILE is a specific panel to assess skin health. This test helps explain premature skin ageing linked to hormone deprivation and identify hidden causes of chronic skin conditions. Measures sex, thyroid and stress hormones as well as Vitamin D.


Functional tests and the interpretation of them are an additional cost to the programmes. I will provide you with those costs so that you can decide whether to do them.