Genetic testing looks at genetic variations , known as SNPs -SingleNucleotide Polymorphism . SNPs make us unique individuals and can affect how we respond to external factors such as our diet, lifestyle and environment, the functioning of our body and mind and how we develop disease.

Genetic testing is a cutting-edge clinical tool to create bespoke nutritional plans and lifestyle strategies to promote optimal health and prevent the incidence of imbalances especially as we age. I offer, DNAlife genetic testing which looks at SNPs that research has shown can affect your health and wellbeing.  DNAlife includes different types of tests with a focus on functional aspects of your health, which you might have a special concern with. 


DNA Health tests 28 genes covering key areas such as lipid metabolism, B vitamins and methylation, detoxification , inflammation, food responsiveness and sensitivity, iron metabolism, oxidative stress, bone health and insulin sensitivity.  Analysis of results will allow me to provide you with a nutrigenomic plan including an "eat for your genes" dietary plan and supplemental recommendations. This test is also useful if you have tendency to develop of lifestyle diseases due to family medical history and the presence of risk factors.

DNA Diet looks at 13 genes that are involved in the regulation of metabolism, energy expenditure, fat utilisation and storage , appetite and feeding behaviour and also determine the tendency to gain weight, the predisposition to slow or rapid weight loss and  responsiveness to exercise. This is a recommended test if you have a genetic tendency to obesity, your are overweight or you have struggled to lose weight as it can help me devise a more effective and personalised nutritional and life style plan to deal with and prevent the onset of obesity and to help achieve your optimal weight.


DNA Sport includes 17 genes involved in three aspects of sports performance: power and endurance , structural integrity of soft tissues and recovery time.  Whether you are an athlete or somebody that exercises regularly , this test can help you taylor your training programme to obtain your optimal athletic performance. The results will shed light on how to adjust training patterns such as intensity, frequency, duration of your training sessions and recovery time.


DNA Oestrogen includes 10 genes involved in oestrogen production, metabolism and detoxification which show considerable variation amongst individuals. This test is recommended if you suffer from oestrogen-dominant conditions such endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, and fibroids or you have a family history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer.


Your genetic test results will not be analysed in isolation but alongside the information gathered during your consultation and the comprehensive health and body scan questionnaire.


I may also recommend the addition of functional testing to genetic testing. Functional testing will allow me to see how your body systems are currently working and how your genes are expressing themselves.


With all that information I will devise the most effective and personalised dietary, supplemental and lifestyle programme for you.